Classroom Layout and other Aspects

Since we will be doing so many hands-on activities, I have provided a picture of how our classroom will be arranged.  The students will be facing each other, giving us the best way to interact and form groups.  My desk is close by , but i prefer to walk around to help anyone who may need it.  See the picture here-


As you can see, we have many set-ups for group work, as well as individual work.  The whole back of the class is filled with books that I have picked out for independent reading.


There may be some other aspects you are concerned about, such as preventive aspects;  this is where my rapport comes in to play as I am hoping for all of the students to see we are one big family. By getting to know your child so well, I will be able to tell when frustration comes in and I will quickly head over to stop any trouble. I am a large guy, so I can use that to my advantage, should anything physical happen when it comes to protecting others and breaking up fights.  I want you to know my class will be a safe, calm, educational environment.  Should a problem arise , there will be preventive measures to make sure it doesnt happen, or that it will not happen again (meetings, behavior contracts, praise, etc).


Data Collection:


I am extrmemley excited about our data collection service this year! 

SEEDS®v2 is a web-based application designed to support special educators in IEP development and special education reporting.


This is an interactive device so that educators can keep up with changes in  behavior and grades for special education.


The SEEDS® program provides for:

  • Access by school staff to data, forms, and records for children from school to home
  • Access from multi-school buildings
  • Allows multiple staff to work on the same record (example: IEP)
  • Allows staff to compare notes
  • Allows for administration or consultant to assist in forms development from varied locations
  • Enables forms to be modified for purposes of DPI compliance instantaneously without wasted inventories of paper copies needing to be destroyed
  • Allows for management of scheduling IEP meetings, evaluations or re-evaluations in an organized and timely manner
  • Enables teachers and other staff to read reports relative to information they find necessary
  • Enables teachers and other staff to offer input into the development of specific reports tailored to their needs
  • It is a project always in process that is flexible to the changing needs of teachers and staff.


Since I told you I want my students held accountable for their actions, we will also make graphs, such as the one in the picture below that we used last year.  The goals are on the left side, days of the week on the bottom, and the title at the top.  The student will go over these with me as we try to make everything positive.