About Me

 My name is William Englehart (Mr. Englehart or Mr. E to your children Smile).  Some of my hobbies include working out, playing baseball (I am a HUGE White Sox fan), watching movies, swimming,  and helping others. I love animals and believe dogs have the biggest hearts of all which is why I can relate to them. I have a dog named Princess, and a bird named Tequila. The best dog I ever had was a Golden Retriever by the name of Callie.  She passed away recently but I learned by watching her actions what true love really is. That is what I try and bring to our community and classroom here.  I form a bond with my students knowing that they are MY students and I will stand up for them anyday.  I treat them how you would want them to be treated, and how I would want others to treat me. All of my students are very special to me and hold a place in my heart. I learn from them, just as much as they learn from me.


I have had so much educational experience that I do not know where to start.  I attended college for eight years, five of which were playing baseball at Carthage, College of DuPage, University of Central Florida, and Illinois State University. I had quite a few majors during these times, such as communication and exercise science.  Thus, I have become a well-rounded individual due to all of my success in the classroom and on the baseball field (First Team Collegiate All American).

This has defined who I am in such matters as working together with a team, diverse cultures, working towards goals, taking one step at a time, giving 110 percent each time, and protecting my teammates just as I would my students.  I have developed that sense of belonging and would do anything for the team, just as I did for this school when we won 3 state championbships while I attented Wheaton Warrenville South.


I was finally hit with my true calling while attending Benedictine University in Lisle. I didnt know what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to help people. One day I was lucky enough to come across special education and it immediately hit me like a truck; I knew where I was supposed to be my whole life.  I had a lot of journeys to take before I would be able to become a teacher though.  They made me a much stronger person and allowed me to be who I really am so I could teach not only academics, but the entire individual.  I know my students have a life outside of school.  I want to make sure they make us all proud by becomming honest, decent, GREAT human beings. It seems that is a concept lost on some of today's youth which will be exhibited in my classroom from everything; such as the way we treat each other, to the rapport we will build, greeting each other, group work, and so on. 


I have extremely high expecations for all of your children.  A teacher who has low expectations would TEACH that student with low expectations.  They would not push them.  They would not get the best out of them.  They are not the kind of teachers we need in society.  I have high expectations because I believe in my teaching and I KNOW your children will grow academically, as well as socially.  Since I have such high expectations, I will naturally teach them that way.


I feel so blessed to be back as Wheaton South and working with all of you wonderful parents as partners. Nothing in life that is worth it comes easy. However as a team and a community, we can have all of our goals met and even exceed them.